70 years of history and experience

More than 70 years ago, Mr. Eutiquio Martín emigrated from a farmhouse in Teruel to the Aragonese capital, Zaragoza, opening a small food store.

He then realized there was a strong demand for quality cured ham, so he began making his own hams to sell.

Eutiquio's History

The trajectory of Jamones Eutiquio

Old drying sheds

Mr. Eutiquio Martín, using traditionally applied techniques, fell in love with the process and in 1970 decided to take the leap, building his own ham drying facility in Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza). The first years were tough but, with care, traditional processes, passion, and careful attention to the hams, he achieved the production of a product with a unique and special taste.

In 1990, a generational shift occurred Mr. Miguel Ángel, son of Mr. Eutiquio Martín, took the reins of the project after working alongside his father for 20 years. Combining know-how, tradition, and care with new manufacturing processes, he boosted the commercialization and distribution of their hams.


Jamones Eutiquio Facilities

In 2018, the Martin family, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to growth and continuous improvement, embarked on a new project: the construction of a new drying facility in Cuarte de Huerva with more than 6500 square meters.

The inauguration of the new facilities in January 2020 allowed them to achieve the goal of every ham producer: a production process with the highest standards of quality and food safety, endorsed by IFS and ETG certifications. In the same year, Alejandro Martín, son of Miguel Ángel, joined the project, becoming the third generation of the Martin family.

The ENTHUSIASM with which Mr. Eutiquio Martín started this project is still very present in the constant effort of a young and committed team. This combination of factors makes Eutiquio a consolidated company in the sector, with a firm objective: national and international growth, always prioritizing the maximum quality and guarantee of its products.

6 Reasons to Choose Eutiquio


Eutiquio Serrano Ham is known for providing an unmistakable experience, captivating us with an incomparable aroma and taste that lingers on our palate, allowing us to enjoy all its nuances.


Thanks to the latest technologies in our drying room, we maintain constant control of temperature and humidity at each stage of the curing process, ensuring regularity in all our hams and maximum quality for each piece.

Food Safety

Our entire production process meets the highest requirements of quality and food safety, certified by the IFS quality certification.


At Eutiquio, we individually care for our hams, independently controlling the percentage of shrinkage, thanks to perfect traceability.


We specialize in boning and customizing our hams to the specific needs of our customers, including cuts, sizes, fat percentage, formats, and curing.


Specializing in ham boning using traditional techniques to achieve perfect boning. Aesthetic pieces, highly versatile, and useful. Aesthetic pieces, highly versatile and useful.


We create a delicious ham, with a great aroma and excellent flavor.

Tell us what you need and we'll prepare it for you

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