Our specialty, boning

At Eutiquio, we specialize in ham boning.

Thanks to our skilled boners and following the traditional ham boning technique, we achieve perfect boning Those responsible for this function, with extensive experience, use their expertise and skill to create aesthetic pieces that are highly versatile and useful.

Custom Cuts

We perform the most common cuts, such as tip, against the grain, and center cuts, as well as customized cuts according to the specific needs and preferences of our customers. We are known for adjusting our hams to customer demands in terms of cuts, sizes, fat percentage, formats, and curing.

Peeling and Polishing

Additionally, we offer peeling and polishing services for boned pieces In this process, we remove the rind and excess fat to create pieces ready for consumption with zero waste.

6 Reasons to Choose Eutiquio


Eutiquio Serrano Ham is known for providing an unmistakable experience, captivating us with an incomparable aroma and taste that lingers on our palate, allowing us to enjoy all its nuances.


Thanks to the latest technologies in our drying room, we maintain constant control of temperature and humidity at each stage of the curing process, ensuring regularity in all our hams and maximum quality for each piece.

Food Safety

Our entire production process meets the highest requirements of quality and food safety, certified by the IFS quality certification.


At Eutiquio, we individually care for our hams, independently controlling the percentage of shrinkage, thanks to perfect traceability.


We specialize in boning and customizing our hams to the specific needs of our customers, including cuts, sizes, fat percentage, formats, and curing.


Specializing in ham boning using traditional techniques to achieve perfect boning. Aesthetic pieces, highly versatile, and useful. Aesthetic pieces, highly versatile and useful.


We create a delicious ham, with a great aroma and excellent flavor.

Tell us what you need and we'll prepare it for you

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