Flavor with a unique name

Triumphs among professionals

We mainly produce traditional serrano ham, carefully selecting the best fresh pieces from castrated females and males, fatty and semi-fatty, classifying them according to their characteristics to carry out a curing process adapted to each piece.


Why Choose Eutiquio

Each Eutiquio Serrano Ham is characterized by providing us with an unmistakable experience, seducing us with an incomparable aroma and a intense, prolonged taste in the mouth.


70 years of history and experience

More than 70 years ago, Mr. Eutiquio Martín emigrated from a farmhouse in Teruel to the Aragonese capital, Zaragoza, opening a small food store.

He then realized that there was a strong demand for quality serrano ham, so he began to make his own hams to sell later.


We create a delicious ham, with a great aroma and excellent flavor.

Tell us what you need and we'll prepare it for you

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